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Baby Boogers… —

A couple who I know and adore are having a baby soon. She posted this conversation on her Facebook and it was adorably funny! She: What do you think of the Nose Frida?He: It’s fine, whatever. She: Don’t worry, there’s a filter so you don’t get baby snot in your mouth.He: What?!? How is my mouth […]

iConversate —

This is just me picking on my BFF during our usual daily IM session.  He’s always a good iSport. Me: I can’t caffeinate. I’ve learned that if I try to do that to wake up, I make myself shaky and sick. BFF:  ibummer Me:  it’s totally an iBummer. I need an iNap BFF:  iagree Me:   some serious SHUTi

Let me at him! Literally… —

Used with permission from MomOf4 – the names have been changed to protect the little dudes! BigBro:  LilBro2 was throwing toys at me! MomOf4 to LilBro2: I’m going to throw YOU at BigBro! BigBro: That’s not a consequence for LilBro2, that’s a consequence for me. Throw me at LilBro2! #FunnyLittleConversations