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Plants vs. Zombies because… Science —

site de rencontre gratuit entre homme et femme Son – “Bacon has a lot of cholesterol.” Daughter – “What is cholesterol? ” Son – “It’s something that if you eat too much your heart stops working.” Daughter– “How do you know? ” Son – “Plants versus Zombies song.” #FunnyLittleConversations

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Orange Chicken is Swedish? —

get link Son: How is that orange chicken? Daughter: Well, it’s kind of sweet-ish and… Son: (interrupting) It’s Swedish? Daughter: No, it’s sweet-ish. You know, kind of sweet and then it tastes like chicken, and then it gets a little spicy in your mouth and feels really nice. Son: Oh. OK. I’ll eat that. #FunnyLittleConversations

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