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Where do Elves Come From Anyway?

Me: It’s not right that I’m eating Elf Grahams and they look like little Elves.
Co-worker: It’s ok to eat Elves.
Me: But it’s like eating little people.
Co-worker: It’s ok to eat meat but not people?
Me: Yeah
Co-worker: They are fictional, you know.
Me: They are?
Co-worker: Yes.
Me: 🙁
Co-worker: You know Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are married.
Me: To each other?
Co-worker: Yes. That’s where Elves come from.
Me: Oh.
Co-worker: That’s why they are short with big ears.
Me: I thought Elves came from Rivendell.
Co-worker: Well played with your Harry Potter trivia.
Me: That’s Lord of the Rings.


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