Funny Little Conversations

Celebrating the Small Talk

I’m Protecting You

So we’ve invested in something called “Terraria” last year and the kids were playing it together one day… 

enter site Son: Hey, are you OK?
Daughter: Yes
get link Son: ZOMBIE! You won’t get me!
go to link Son: Hey, Those worms have ONE HUNDRED HEALTH!!!! They are GIGANTIC!
Daughter: What is that purple thing?
How To Get Viagra Prescription in Corona California Son: The Vile Mushroom for creating some boss material. The boss spawner. Son: Whoa! One gold coin? Ah! Zombies invaded our house! The undead invaded our house. Whoa! A falling star.
go Son: Don’t worry, I’ll defend you. I’m protecting. 
Daughter: Whatever.

terraria worm

Stand Back! We’re doing Science!

Original conversation occurred on March 25, 2013

Morning conversation with daughter:
get link Mommy: “Who put root beer in the freezer?”
Daughter: “I’m sorry.”
source site Mommy’s Boyfriend: “When you freeze liquid it expands. If the can isn’t open, the liquid won’t have anywhere to go. “
Her: “I’m sorry.” Mommy: “You’re not in trouble, just learning science. Now, get a washcloth and clean out the freezer.”


Baby Boogers…

A couple who I know and adore are having a baby soon. She posted this conversation on her Facebook and it was adorably funny!

She: What do you think of the Nose Frida?
bar rencontre granby He: It’s fine, whatever. 
She: Don’t worry, there’s a filter so you don’t get baby snot in your mouth.
He: What?!? How is my mouth involved in this? I’m using a plunger from a syringe to suck out the snot. 
She: Hahaha. Good luck with that.




This is just me picking on my BFF during our usual daily IM session.  He’s always a good iSport.

Me: I can’t caffeinate. I’ve learned that if I try to do that to wake up, I make myself shaky and sick.
BFF:  ibummer
Me:  it’s totally an iBummer. I need an iNap
BFF:  iagree
Me:   some serious SHUTi