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Celebrating the Small Talk

Stand Back! We’re doing Science!

Original conversation occurred on March 25, 2013

Morning conversation with daughter:
Mommy: “Who put root beer in the freezer?”
Daughter: “I’m sorry.”
Mommy’s Boyfriend: “When you freeze liquid it expands. If the can isn’t open, the liquid won’t have anywhere to go. “
Her: “I’m sorry.”
Mommy: “You’re not in trouble, just learning science. Now, get a washcloth and clean out the freezer.”


Not Feeling Like Himself

Originally Posted  April 5, 2010 11:16am

My 4yo son erased his Xbox Avatar and is having a meltdown over it. I made a new one but he says, “That’s not me! That’s somebody else!”

(Here’s is avatar 4 years later – I’m sure it’s completely different now.)


Baby Boogers…

A couple who I know and adore are having a baby soon. She posted this conversation on her Facebook and it was adorably funny!

She: What do you think of the Nose Frida?
He: It’s fine, whatever. 
She: Don’t worry, there’s a filter so you don’t get baby snot in your mouth.
He: What?!? How is my mouth involved in this? I’m using a plunger from a syringe to suck out the snot. 
She: Hahaha. Good luck with that.




This is just me picking on my BFF during our usual daily IM session.  He’s always a good iSport.

Me: I can’t caffeinate. I’ve learned that if I try to do that to wake up, I make myself shaky and sick.
BFF:  ibummer
Me:  it’s totally an iBummer. I need an iNap
BFF:  iagree
Me:   some serious SHUTi

LEGO® Batman and Geeks’ Night Out

My son: Hey, Look! It’s Batman! 
Batman: Hello
My son: Can I have my picture taken with you?
Batman: Sure!
My Son: Hey, do you only work in black and sometimes very, very dark grey?
Batman: You’re cool kid!
My Son and Batman – *fistbump*
(Sidenote: Please comment and let us know who the character with the 2-sided face is. Thanks!)