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Packing The Lunches … —

Friday Morning Conversations with my kids: Me: What kind of sandwiches do you want in your lunch? Sarah: I want cottage cheese with fruit. Fletcher: Ooh yeah, me too! That sounds healthy! Sarah: Hey, Fletcher, what would you say if I punched you right now? Fletcher: I’d say, “Ahhhhhh!” Sarah: (Fake punches) You didn’t say […]

Frustrated Incorporated —

This originally occurred in January of 2013 – Thank you Timehop (Conversation flow included because of its awesomeness.) Me: I am sorry I get so frustrated with you kids sometimes.Daughter: Mommy, if you didn’t know, Frustration is a move in Pokemon. It’s not very effective.Me: I bet it isn’t.          

I’m Protecting You —

So we’ve invested in something called “Terraria” last year and the kids were playing it together one day…  Son: Hey, are you OK?Daughter: YesSon: ZOMBIE! You won’t get me!Son: Hey, Those worms have ONE HUNDRED HEALTH!!!! They are GIGANTIC!Daughter: What is that purple thing?Son: The Vile Mushroom for creating some boss material. The boss spawner. Son: […]

Stand Back! We’re doing Science! —

Original conversation occurred on March 25, 2013 Morning conversation with daughter: Mommy: “Who put root beer in the freezer?” Daughter: “I’m sorry.” Mommy’s Boyfriend: “When you freeze liquid it expands. If the can isn’t open, the liquid won’t have anywhere to go. “ Her: “I’m sorry.” Mommy: “You’re not in trouble, just learning science. Now, […]